The new investment in real estate leading to a rigorous and management of multifunctional space, it can offer maximum flexibility and thus joins the needs of the user.

In business, real estate is a factor of profitability and productivity, which revolves around three axes:
     - Facilities Management (FM);
     - Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT);
     - Management of Human Resources (HR).

Management of Human Resources and Technologies of Information and Communication Facility Management imposes a revaluation of the work environment by a rational and progressive for its use. The graphics processing the formal aspects and functional introduced a new concept signalling informative.

In hotels, as well as in store layout and interior private, the conceptual approach instead, focused on the senses and on welfare. The choice of materials and colours associated with the latest technical standards of comfort.
The decoration becomes a subtle blend of comfort and sound volumes and where the light associated with the decoration give the entire balance and harmony.

The overall management of space is our core business. It includes:
     - Defining the programme and the feasibility study;
     - Practical design of the project and the creation of an atmosphere;
     - The selection of appropriate technical specification desired physical comfort;
     - A selection of finishing materials and furniture appropriate to the project;
     - Managing the budget;
     - The coordination and monitoring of performance of the work;
     - Verification of progress reports and receipt books. 

The overall management of the area warranted since the study and implementation of a project are closely linked.
Indeed, the technical and decorative selected often require dedicated implementation of the project. The succession of different players requires a good knowledge of each batch and strict monitoring of the performance of the work in a timely manner.

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